"I give you an atmosphere that does not exist," Diego.


Decohousing in collaboration with Traeger and Pinto Gallery presents, his first exhibition focused on the personal approach of the artist Diego García Mier y Terán. It is a revision that goes from his first works -memesis being one of the main axes, starting from a hyperrealistic approach- until his last creations where the handling of oil and abstraction are the protagonists.


Overflow reveals moments of intimacy in each brushstroke, feelings and experiences that are shaped by defying the passage of time.


Diego's work is a rich optical exercise. The painting allows you easily unfold your creativity using a very characteristic visual language: precise and detailed forms juxtaposed to whimsical lines and colors full of intensity. Here the colors challenge their own support and then rush to the viewer.


The representation thus becomes an aesthetic reference. The daily image is filled with a symbolic charge, being displaced from its original context and at the same time becoming enveloped in new connotations. The result: the materialization, through the tecnisim, of experiences and feelings.


Overflow shows a constant refuge, an atmosphere that liberates the mind and spirit, an incessant dialectic, a dance that never tires of exploring processes and materials. It is from this sample, composed of more than 50 pieces belonging to different private collections, that we can discover the artist who analyzes elements of popular culture and its environment and the artist who has returned to painting his way of life.


Curator: Athens B. Uriz





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