Capomo, emerging art and cultural gallery, established in Mexico City is a project that serves as an art incubator, founded by Atenas Beltrán Uriz in partnership with Sway Gaytan. We generate culture through the creation, promotion, and production of artistic events in an interdisciplinary and itinerate way, with the intention of communicating cultural values, provoking dialogue and promoting critical thinking.


Capomo possesses a multifaceted and eclectic character since it mutates according to the realities of the spectator, the creator, and space. We seek different scenarios, where these mutations can occur, recognizing ourselves in otherness, fostering individuality, curatorial and museographic experimentation. Capomo is an initiative that redefines itself by breaking the standards of a gallery or a fixed cultural space. We do not stagnate or work in a conventional manner, our proposal is related to change, to the unstable and to experimentation, so our projects are characterized by their diversity.



Capomo is a longing that is shared with those who still believe in art as a social healer and as an essence that elevates the soul.


The capomo tree, endemic species of America. It is and was of great importance for the Mayans due to its medicinal and nutritional qualities, it will even be incorporated into treatments since it increases the production of seritonin.

Its composition concentrates pluvial waters and with its deep roots it allows to return liquid to the aquiferous mantles as well as to oxygenate the subsoil.

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