Los Transferencistas


Is there a way to create without using reason?


Although the evolution of the philosophy of art has surpassed simple - mimesis -, human creativity has always been linked to the intelligible reality, to the - rational mind - leaving aside the mysterious human faculties that are not palpable.


What would happen if we found a way to express what transcends tangible reality? What would happen if our intelligence went beyond the rational? Lázaro Lacho Martínez, Reiner Usatorres Valdés, Ivette Cedillo, Yosvel Hernández and Perdomoy Roberto Carballo, autonomous “Los Transferencistas” as a collective unit, put into practice an artistic methodology that emerges from the rational, leaving a record of what comes from the transcendental.

This methodology called -Transfer- uses the -no mind- as the guiding principle. Los Transferencistas are then an instrument of communication between that superior and intangible, and our world. The reception of ideas and images of eternal origin and their non-rational (non-mental) and spontaneous reproduction results in a material vestige of that metaphysical communication: the work of Los Transferencistas.


Through interdisciplinary and continuous work on the work that is created together, the collective moves away from individuality, detaching itself from -yo-. Los Transferencistasare recipients and interpreters of that energy of which we are the effect, that indivisible energy that, like them, is unity.

In addition to being a methodology for artistic creation, the transfer is a process of diffusion of the immaterial in the physical space and all the spectators are partakers of it by contemplating the pieces now exhibited in 2SAH4R1L.


Athens Beltrán Úriz.

*Catalog available upon request. 






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